Duct Tape Wallet

Grades: 4-12


Available in 4-H Duct Tape Crafts Clubs from Utah State University


In this activity, kids will practice measuring skills, become familiar with duct tape, and explore how to use it to create a homemade wallet. Kids are encouraged to be creative and construct multiple wallets with different colors and types of duct tape, if time and supplies allow.


  • Duct tape (2 colors)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors OR Xacto knife/rotary cutter*
  • Hard surface/cutting board


*Safety Tip – When working with young participants it is recommended that you use scissors for this project. Only when there can be immediate adult assistance should Xacto knife or rotary cutter be used. Cuts can happen quickly – so use caution.


TIP – your scissors will get sticky fairly quickly. Use the alcohol wipes to clean off the scissors and keep working. Do this as often as needed.

4-H Camp: Duct Tape Wallet activity

Activity Steps

  1. Step 1 (see Figures 1-5 below):
  • Cut out four 8½ inch strips of one color duct tape.
  • Flip one piece of duct tape over and place another on top, sticky sides together, so they match up.
  • Take another piece of duct tape and place it over the two pieces you just put together, overlapping them so it is about 3 inches wide.
  • Lay the last piece of duct tape over the top so it covers the sticky piece.
  • Repeat. This makes the two sides of the wallet.
  1. Line up the two wallet sides together and trim them so there is no sticky part is showing and they match up. You may have to trim them a bit to get them to match up exactly.
  1. Step 3 (see Figures 6-9):
  • Measure one 8 ½ inch piece of tape. Cut it in half length-wise. Cut one strip in half width wise as well.
  • Use one half to tape the bottom of the wallet walls together. Trim the excess.
  • Use the remaining pieces to tape the small ends of the wallet together. Trim the excess.
  1. Repeat step 1, with the second color of duct tape. Cut these pieces about 4 inches long. This will make the ID pocket of the wallet (see Figures 10-12).
  1. Step 5:
  • Measure out four 4-inch pieces of tape.
  • Flip one piece of duct tape over and place another on top, sticky sides together, so they match up.
  • Repeat with the other two pieces.
  • Trim off all excess.
  • This will make the card holders.
  1. Step 6 (see Figure 13):
  • Cut out three 4-inch pieces of duct tape of the first color. Cut all pieces in half length-wise.
  • Fold the wallet in half to find the center.
  1. Step 7 (see Figures 14-17):
  • Measure the card and ID holders to be sure they fit on one half of the wallet.
  • Using the strips of tape you just cut out, tape the two card holder pieces and place them on the right side of the wallet. Stagger them like card holders in a regular wallet.
  • Tape both sides and the bottom. Cut off the excess tape.
  • Tape the ID pocket piece onto the wallet on the bottom, outside and top, of the right side of the wallet.
  • Be careful not to tape the money pocket shut.
  • Trim the excess tape.
  • Fold back together. Now, you have a duct tape wallet!

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