4-H Camp: Food, Nutrition & Cooking

Food, Nutrition, & Cooking

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with learning skills to make healthy everyday choices. Try these three fun, hands-on activities in food, nutrition, and cooking (including a few tasty recipes!) to help young kids start developing healthy habits today. 


Check out a video of Youth in Action pillar winner Janya Green, Georgia 4-H, welcoming kids to the Food, Nutrition & Cooking experience of 4-H Camp!

Janya shares how how mother and grandmother influenced how she uses spices to enhance flavors while cooking. Learn more about Janya's story.

kids learns about nutrition using play dough at virtual 4-H camp
kid learning about money and finances at virtual 4-H camp
kid learns about cooking methods at virtual 4-H camp

Additional Activities

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Camp Memories

"For me camp offered my first tastes of freedom and independence and gave me the confidence to see I could become a different person."  - Amanda, Florida 4-H Alumni


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