Exploring American diversity through the foods we eat.

Visiting Our Small World

Grades: 4-6


Available in Shop 4-H Curriculum: Food, Culture, and Reading


Over the years, people from all around the world have come to the US, bringing with them their culture, religion, stories, celebrations and heritage. In this activity, kids will learn about cultural diversity by exploring the foods commonly served in your family’s home and researching where they originated.

Activity Steps

  1. Make a list of six foods commonly served in your home. Using the internet, find out where these foods originated.
  2. Construct a book entitled “Around the World Food Favorites” using the following steps:
  • Fold a stack of four sheets of construction paper in half.
  • Punch six to eight holes along the folded edge of the stack using a hole-punch.
  • Thread a 2-foot piece of yarn through the holes to sew the paper together into a book. Knot the yarn to old the pages in place.
  • Cut the photos of foods from the list out of a magazine or grocery store advertisements.
  • Use the internet to find and print pictures of these foods.
  • Starting with the second page, glue the photos into the book – one photo per page. Label the foods and include their country of origin or where they are a traditional dish. Write a sentence describing the food’s taste, texture, shape, or other distinguishing feature.
  • Decorate the cover of the book with photos or drawings of food. Include the title of the book and your name.
  • Share the book with your family or friends.

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