Cooking at Home with 4-H

About the Recipes

We’re cooking at home more than ever, and you can make the most of it with these 4-H-curated meal ideas. From snacks and sides to desserts and main courses, these recipes from 4-H’ers, supporters, and 4-H alumni offer a deep and delectable cookbook designed to freshen up your menu and keep you creative in the kitchen.


You can sort by meal type (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc.) and select your desired dish below for a simple video tutorial – and get cooking.

4-H mom teaches her kid how to cook at home

4-H Fresh Chefs Cookbook

Shop 4-H Curriculum and Products offers university-backed curriculum, educational kits, products and supplies to expand your knowledge of cooking, food, and nutrition.


4-H Clover Cookie Cutter

The only thing better than cookies? Clover-shaped, 4-H-made cookies. Bring 4-H into your kitchen with this metal 4-H cookie cutter. This cutter makes for an excellent cooking competition or food demonstration prize.


4-H Cooking 101 Curriculum from Shop 4-H

4-H Cooking 101

Grades: 6-12


Learn how to avoid spreading germs while cooking, measure and mix ingredients, test baked goods for doneness, brown meat, and set the table for a family meal. The curriculum comes as loose-leaf paper to make it easier for youth to pull out recipes.


4-H clover aprons from Shop 4-H

4-H Clover Apron

All good cooks need an apron when they are whisking around the kitchen! Cook in style while showing your 4-H pride!

Available in green or white.


iCook digital cooking curriculum from Shop 4-H

iCook: Cooking, Eating & Playing Together

Grades: 4-6


Developed by professionals at American land-grant universities, this digital program includes eight 2-hour sessions of instruction to help you learn the ins and outs of cooking and nutrition. 



Fresh Chefs Cooking Essentials Bundle

Get cooking with the Fresh Chefs Cooking Essentials Bundle. This kit helps your aspiring chef learn their way around the kitchen, with tools designed especially for them. This set includes a spatula, measuring cup set, and 2 Flex-it cutting boards.



Fantastic Foods: Six Easy Bites

Grades: 3-12


This food activity guide helps 4-Hers learn about different food ingredients, food characteristics, and food safety issues. 


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