Soar in the sky with your paper airplane!

About the Activity

In this 4‑H at Home activity, kids will build paper airplanes. From this activity, they will learn about the engineering design process and physics!

Grades: 3-5
Topic: STEM

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These simple materials will get you started.

  • Paper: A4 (210 x 297 mm) or 8.5 x 11 in
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Activity Steps

You can only use one sheet of paper per plane, and you’re not allowed any glue or sticky tape. You can use the same design or as many different designs as you want (other ideas pictured). Here’s one that we’ve used to get your attempt off the ground.

  1. To make it, start by folding the sheet in half along its length.
  2. Then unfold.
  3. Take the top-right corner and fold it down to the center fold to form a triangle.
  4. Repeat with the top-left corner.
  5. Then fold this newly formed triangle down, giving you a square.
  6. Fold the top-left corner over so that the corner touches the center fold.
  7. Repeat with the top-right corner.
Three paper airplanes side-by-side
  1. You should be left with a small triangular point, which can be folded back.
  2. Flip the plane over and bring the two halves together along the center fold.
  3. Next, fold the right-hand wing down until it aligns with the center fold.
  4. Repeat for the left wing.

Bonus Activity (Optional)
Think you can soar to a Guinness World Records title? Apply for the Guinness World Records title (with an adult) of most times to hit a target with paper aircraft in three minutes.

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