4-H STEM Activities
& Career Paths

Explore STEM activities and careers that you can pursue in your own backyard.

4-H STEM Activities & Career Paths

Did you know that rural areas are experiencing shortages of qualified STEM workers who can provide vital services to often under-resourced areas? That's why HughesNet and 4-H have teamed up to share activities and information about STEM careers across the country.


Explore this page to try a hands-on activity that teaches kids about solar energy and a blog post that introduces 13 STEM careers that can be pursued outside of big cities. Check back soon for new activities and STEM career content!

Solar oven s'mores activity
4-H STEM Lab DIY Flashlight Activity
4-H mentor works with 4-H kids on coding activity for Virutal 4-H Camp
4-H youth explores electrical engineering in rural areas

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