Space Exploration:
Quest 1

Humans aren’t ready for deep space travel yet, but in this activity you’ll see how future missions to the moon can be a first step for deeper space exploration.

About the Activity

This mission will introduce you to the Artemis program, which is designed to establish lunar infrastructure for future exploration and research in outer space.

Join the lead astronaut, Commander Isabella Hernandez, and help her solve one of the biggest challenges of long-distance space travel: nutrition. Because if astronauts are ever going to explore the outer reaches of the solar system, we’ll have to figure out how to grow nutritious food in space.

This activity is part of our 4-H at Home Space Exploration Series. After you complete this Activity, go check out Quest 2!

Grade Level: 3 - 8
Topic: Plant Science, STEM
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

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HughesNet Space Exploration Activity

Activity Steps

Click the "Start" button below to begin your Space Exploration adventure! After you complete this Activity, go check out Quest 2.

Reflection Questions
Bonus questions to inspire wonder:

  1. How do you think seeds planted in space grow differently than seeds planted on Earth? Any similarities?
  2. How many plants would a team of astronauts need to grow to sustain travel to and from Mars?
  3. Is there anything we can learn from growing plants in space that would improve food sources on Earth? Might it eventually be easier to grow plants year-round in all climates?
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Investigate and Explore
Take what you've learned to the next level to learn more and explore the possibilities.

Now that you’ve taken a trip in the Orion Spacecraft and learned more about NASA’s goals for space exploration, it’s easy to see how far we’ve come. If you’d like to learn more about research around growing food in outer space, read more about how it’s done on the ISS.

Hydroponics lab in a rocket
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Career Connections

What’s it take to become an astronaut? It’s never too early to begin to participate in STEM activities that can benefit you in the future. Dr. Peggy Whitson, the U.S. astronaut who spent 665 combined days in space, shares her journey. Despite her time spent weightless in outer space, her farmstead upbringing keeps her grounded, and reminds us that anyone can follow their dreams.

Get inspired, and make a plan to follow in her spacewalking footsteps.

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