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Welcome to 4-H Tech Changemakers!

Congratulations on becoming a 4-H Tech Changemaker! You are joining thousands of teens across the U.S. who see the need for digital skills in their community and are using their knowledge to make a difference.

The videos below will take you step-by-step from community research all the way to planning your first workshop. There are a lot of steps involved to create a successful project, but in addition to these videos your 4-H leader will guide you through the process.

To see all the activities and details of what you’ll do over the coming months download the the guidebook below to take a deeper dive.

Greenbay, WI 4-H Tech Changemakers held a STEM fair for middle schoolers where teens introduced them to different technologies.

Download the 4-H Tech Changemakers Guidebook

Interactive Training Modules

Launch Lesson 1 - Why Are You Here?
Launch Lesson 2 - Assembling the Team
Launch Lesson 3 - Team Building and Bonding
Launch Lesson 4 - Foundational Knowledge
Launch Lesson 5 - Comunity Research
Launch Lesson 6 - Building Community Partnerships
Launch Lesson 7 - Designing Your Workshop
Launch Lesson 8 - Registering and Finalizing Workshops
Launch Lesson 9 - During the Workshop
Launch Lesson 10 - After the Workshop

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