The Nurturing Power of Nature

Learn how nature is working all around you, all the time.

About the Activities

Nature is made up of an almost infinite number of small things that work together every day to make a humongous impact. Some of those things are all around us: No matter where you live, insects and natural processes are constantly creating and sustaining life.

In this series of at-home activities, kids will get an up-close look at a few of the creatures and natural processes that keep the world going. By the end of each activity, they will have newfound knowledge as well as a fun craft to take their understanding of the world to the next level.

Brought to you by Colorado State University Extension and USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Special thanks to Patrick Pulis, Program Associate, and Wade Ingle, Principal Investigator of 4-H/Colorado State University Extension and The West Greeley Conservation District for making this program possible.

Grades: Pre-K-5
Topic: STEM, Biology, Crafting, Gardening
Time: 20 minutes

Caterpillar on a person's hand
Ladybug sitting on a leaf
A young girl potting a plant in a greenhouse

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Shop 4-H offers university-backed STEM curriculum, educational kits, products and supplies to expand your knowledge of butterflies, insects and more.

Butterfly Bingo Game from Shop 4-H

Butterfly Bingo

This bingo game comes with pieces for 2-6 players and makes learning about butterflies fun! Each card has facts about butterflies and their relatives. The first person to cover the selected pattern and yell "caterpillar" wins!


Butterfly WINGS Youth Curriculum from Shop 4-H

Butterfly Curriculum Youth Digital Download

Youth learn to identify the butterfly families and common butterflies.


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Butterfly WINGS Leader Curriculum from Shop 4-H

Butterfly Curriculum Leader Digital Download

Find facilitator tips, activity guides, and additional resources for the Project Butterfly WINGS curriculum.


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Monarchs on the Move Challenge Kit from Shop 4-H

Monarchs on the Move Challenge Kit

Youth learn about the life cycle of monarch butterflies and understand the challenges that impact their declining population including habitat loss, extreme weather, and pest management.


insect curriculum from Shop 4-H

All About Insects Bundle

Grades: Pre-K-3


Includes three activities and an insect collecting jar.  Youth learn the basics of insects and search for insect clues and insects.


Teaming With Insects Curriculum from Shop 4-H

Teaming With Insects Curriculum

Grades: 3-12


Introduce kids to the world of insects through activities that expand on the basic concepts of biodiversity, invasive species, integrated pest management, and forensic entomology.



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