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Filling the STEM Pipeline: National 4‑H Council and Lockheed Martin to Prepare More Diverse Youth for STEM Careers

By National 4-H Council | August 26, 2015

National 4‑H Council and Lockheed Martin announced today the launch of a new national program, STEM Futures, to inspire more American youth to discover and explore career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The three year, $3 million commitment will build a STEM pipeline of future scientists, engineers and community science professionals.

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Colleen Murray and Sean Flynn Recognized as 4‑H Youth Innovators of the Year for Excellence in STEM

By National 4-H Council | July 28, 2015

National 4‑H Council and HughesNet, the nation’s #1 satellite Internet service provider from Hughes Network Systems (Hughes), announced Colleen Murray from Delaware and Sean Flynn from New York as the 4‑H Innovators of the Year. This recognition distinguishes teens who display a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

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4‑H Parent POV: James Experiences Loss and Acceptance

By Lisa Furness | July 20, 2015
James was growing older, and he was busy going to school, spending time with his friends and 4‑H club. When he had a difficult day at school, he could always go into the coop and hang with his “girls.” They trusted and depended on him every day, and they would always make him feel better.… Read More

4‑H Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Riley

By Kittrina Thompson | May 13, 2015
Wood shavings, goat hair, and judging notebooks characterized my summers growing up, rather than the traditional sunscreen and bathing suits. I spent most of my time with Sarah, Ace, Geoffrey, and Habanero — all sheep or goats in our show string. My 4‑H career spanned nearly every conceivable event and team. I sewed, judged livestock,… Read More

Pledge to Youth: 4‑H Youth Meet the POTUS

By Jennifer Sirangelo | April 13, 2015
It’s a 4‑H tradition. 4‑H’ers have met with every U.S. President dating back to 1912 when President William Howard Taft was in office. These are life-changing moments for 4‑H youth across the country to meet and greet our nation’s leaders. Today, that tradition continued, as 4‑H’ers from Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland and Utah… Read More
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4‑H Parent POV: When James Met Goldie, and Seven Others

By Lisa Furness | February 24, 2015
A family friend had some chickens on his farm and offered to give four to James. One, in particular, was getting hen-pecked by the other chickens in the flock. Her name was Goldie. The friend said that he was rescuing her by giving her to James. When she arrived, she was missing feathers and looked… Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Otha Thornton, President, National Parent Teacher Association

By Kittrina Thompson | February 13, 2015
How do we strengthen the connection between family and youth development? It’s with various in-school and after-school programs that 4‑H is able to not only contribute to the upbringing of today’s youth, but to encourage greater family engagement. The work of 4‑H is beneficial to all involved—youth, parent/guardian and adult leader/mentor. So, what organization knows… Read More
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4‑H Parent POV: James Builds a Coop

By Lisa Furness | October 13, 2014
James was an energetic but sensitive young boy growing up the middle child of three boys. Although he struggled in school and had social difficulties, we provided him with support in school and at home. James had a hard time making and keeping friends, because of struggles with social perceptions. Most kids just didn’t understand… Read More

4‑H and My Wildly Unanticipated Life

By Elizabeth Riley | August 26, 2014
It’s so easy to forget the meaning of words that we often recite. I’m no different; as a lifelong 4‑Her, I’ve recited the 4‑H pledge too many times to count. I’ve literally gone through the motions of the pledge. At every meeting and gathering, we pledge parts of ourselves for the good of the whole,… Read More

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