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4-H Healthy Living Activity Guide

  • Eating healthy food, being physically active and taking time for yourself are all important parts of living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we created the 4‑H Healthy Living Activity Guide with 30 hands-on, educational activities to help your child live a happy, healthy life.

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Featured Activities and Doers of the Month


4-H boy researching on a computer

Fact or Fiction

This activity teaches kids to research a subject of interest online and gauge whether the information they find is trustworthy.

Sewing pillows for this 4-H craft activity

Pillows for the Homeless

This is a simple, inexpensive craft teaches kids that we can all help someone in need in small but meaningful ways.

4-H Activity Make Your Own First Aid Kit

Family First Aid Kit

What's in your first aid kit? This activity teaches kids how to think through emergency situations and create a practical first aid kit for their family.

A group of Ohio 4-H'ers

Ohio 4-H'ers

A delegation of 4-H youth from Fairfield County, Ohio are working to educate attendees at the State Fair about water conservation methods. Read more about this group of doers.


Addy Battel & Pearl Daskam

4-H’ers Addy and Pearl are two teens who used their leadership skills gained through 4-H to give back to their hometown through the creation of Meating the Need for Our Village.


Mayyadah Zagelow

When 4-H’er Mayyadah noticed the inequities her LGBTQ+ friends experienced, she launched the Washington State 4-H Teen Equity & Inclusion Task Force.

4-H teen Aja Capel

Aja Capel

Aja started See Me in STEM with a mission to provide exposure, access, and STEM opportunities to under-represented youth. So far, she's impacted 122+ youth in her community.

4-H teen Dani Jo Thatcher

Dani Jo Thatcher

4-H’er Dani Jo educates youth and adults on opioid addiction and how it impacts lives. Her work helps communities understand the proper use and disposal of opioids.

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4-H young girl looking through binoculars

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4-H girl smiling during the holidays

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Inspired Doers

Inspired Doers

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Boy and Girl STEM activity

National Youth Science Day

4‑H and Google have launched an exciting National Youth Science Day challenge, Code Your World, which invites kids to get involved in computer science through hands-on doing. Find out how your child can get involved today.


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