Featured Partner - Lockheed Martin

As a lead sponsor of 4‑H Science, Lockheed Martin has helped provide robotics curriculum and clubs to 1.8 million students since 2010. Now, even more youth will explore careers as scientists and engineers thanks to a multi-year commitment from Lockheed Martin to establish the 4‑H Career Readiness Pathway. Through the Pathway framework, 4‑H youth will explore STEM, learn the skills necessary for success, gain practice in the field, and experience these skills in action.

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4‑H Food Smart Families

4‑H Food Smart Families targets families eligible for or receiving SNAP benefits.  This program is designed to provide kids and families the skills they need to eat healthier today and tomorrow.  Through hands on experience with budgeting and cooking nutritious foods, low-income families learn how to stretch limited resources while also making mealtime fun. Together, we are reaching families who need it most with the resources and skills they need to create more food secure homes.

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Youth Voice: Youth Choice

Youth Voice Youth Choice delivers culturally relevant health and nutrition programming to more than 130,000 youth and families across the country annually. Led in partnership with over 2,500 Teen Health Ambassadors, this program drives life-changing impact with diverse young people.  Among other impact measures, 80 percent of youth report at least one behavior change in eating more nutritiously and 65% eat at least one meal a day with their families.

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4‑H STEM Futures

In 2015, we began piloting 4‑H STEM Futures, a program designed to connect all youth to the 4‑H Career Pathway, particularly focusing on underrepresented minority youth and girls. Key elements of the 4‑H STEM Futures program include: (1) high-quality STEM education with tracks that range from robotics to environmental science; (2) business partnerships to demonstrate real STEM leaders in action and open doors for mentorship; and (3) deployment of community partnerships in order to reach new and diverse youth not yet connected to 4‑H.


With the guidance of caring adult leaders within the structure of a 4‑H club, we will utilize coding resources available to the general public as well as newly developed 4‑H resources to provide pathways in coding for our youth.  These resources include a Coding Playbook to instruct 4‑H educators on ways to integrate culturally relevant, positive youth development outcomes with some of the latest STEM tools and materials.  In addition, youth will create Career Pathway Journals to put them in the driver seat navigating their way to a career in coding.

Clover Campaign

4‑H’s Clover Campaign is a proven effective way for companies to create significant awareness about their investment in youth and invite their consumers to join them in supporting 4‑H by giving $1 at check-out in-store and online. What sets 4‑H’s Clover Campaign apart from other national point of sale campaigns is that the majority of funds stay in the communities in which they are raised.

4‑H’s premier Clover Campaign partner, Tractor Supply Company, generates almost $2 million annually through a 12-day Clover Campaign each spring and fall with an average 22% transaction rate. In addition, the campaign has driven key results for TSC:

  • 87% of store managers report the partnership helps build and strengthen community relationships
  • 91% of store managers report the partnership gives staff a sense of giving back to their communities
  • 8.7 million impressions driven per promotion period.
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Social Media Campaigns

With an audience of 700,000 social media followers, 4‑H has digital influence. Working with our cause marketing partners to identify and advance mutually beneficial objectives, 4‑H produces highly engaging and meaningful social media campaigns.

Sponsored campaigns have included 4‑H GROWS, an alumni identification campaign that invited states to compete for STEM grants based on the number of alumni acquired during the campaign period. 4‑H’s latest social media campaign is “SHOUT-OUT #TrueLeaders” — a simple yet powerful way to leverage social media to “SHOUT-OUT” kids who take responsibility in their lives and communities, who have the courage to try something new, who dare to fail and who never give up. Through sponsorship, partners can incentivize adults for recognizing the young leaders in their lives.

Grow True Leaders Partners

4‑H launched a national campaign, Grow True Leaders, to give youth a voice and grow from reaching six million youth to ten million youth annually by 2025.  Companies that sign on as Grow True Leaders partners have access to engaging campaign assets to create awareness for their investment in youth.  Campaign assets include resources such as digital and print ads, videos, photography and messaging.  Visit our Karo Syrup partner page.

Give a Clover

Give a Clover is a nationwide call to action for 25 million alumni, supporters and partners to donate a $10 clover to provide 10 million kids with critical skills to lead for a lifetime, and grow 4‑H in more communities. 4‑H is seeking a corporate partner to match these donations during the holiday season and receive considerable visibility across all of our digital and social media properties with almost 700,000 followers and friends.

Legacy Awards

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, National 4‑H Council will host the 9th annual Legacy Awards at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington D.C.  We will be joined by over 300 of our closest—and most distinguished—supporters, community leaders, advocates and friends for our premier event. This evening of celebration honors the accomplishments of both 4‑H youth and the adults who make life-changing experiences possible for millions of 4‑H young people.

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4‑H National Youth Science Day

4‑H National Youth Science Day is the world’s largest youth-led science experiment with almost 100,000 youth participating in more than 1,000 events all across the country on October 10, 2018.  Sponsorship allows for both national and local visibility, thought leadership and turnkey employee engagement opportunities.

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Raise Your Hand

Raise Your Hand is a nationwide call to action for 4‑H alumni and friends to raise their hands to support the next generation of 4‑H’ers.

Heavily promoted across all 4‑H digital properties, the program asks our alumni to take three simple steps:
1. Go to 4‑H.org/RaiseYourHand to raise your hand
2. Tweet, post or caption your 4‑H experience photos showing you’re paying it forward using the hashtag #4HGrown
3. Tag other 4‑H alumni.

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4‑H True Leaders in Agriculture

We understand that True Leaders aren’t born, they’re grown. 4‑H’s agricultural science, STEM and career development programs are helping young people become True Leaders who see agriculture as a viable—and vital—life path.

Members of the 4‑H True Leaders in Agriculture are an exclusive group of companies and partners investing to keep 4‑H programs strong and prepare even more young people with skills to succeed in life today and career tomorrow.

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Youth in Action

Youth In Action (YIA) provides one of our most unique opportunities to highlight the best of 4‑H honoring four 4H’ers who have gained critical life skills through their 4‑H experience and have utilized those skills to overcome challenges and epitomize 4‑H youth empowerment and leadership.

Awards are offered in four pillars: Healthy Living, Citizenship, STEM and Agriculture.  Storytelling opportunities for the YIA sponsorship are some of the most robust we offer through traditional, earned media as well as social media. It also offers unique engagement opportunities for leadership and employees.

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Growing True Leaders in Partnership

America’s leading corporations find that partnering with 4‑H, the largest youth development organization, is good business. With locations in every county and parish across the country serving 6 million young people, 4‑H provides opportunities for companies to support the communities where their employees and customers live and work. In addition, with social media channels that reach 700,000 youth, families, volunteers and educators, we have the capacity to tell the impactful story of our partnership.

To learn more about how 4‑H is growing true leaders in STEM, healthy living, citizenship and food & agriculture, please watch our new, 60 second video.

For more information on corporate partnerships, please contact Heather Elliott , VP Development at 301-792-1023.

Partner Toolkit

To get involved, download the 4‑H Grow True Leaders campaign partner toolkit and contact us to customize activation to meet your business goals.