Celebrating CSEdWeek

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week 2017, Google is introducing a new activity for students to design and code their own Google logo!

4‑H will showcase your logo designs on our national website and social media channels!

Participation is easy:

1. Visit https://g.co/csfirst/logo-4H
2. Follow the instructions on how to create your own Google logo
3. Start your project
4. Save your project, snap a photo of your logo, and share it with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/4‑H!

Get creative and have fun!

4‑H and Google

4‑H and Google are coming together to bring hands-on, cutting edge computer science education to kids and teens across the country. Made possible by a $1.5 million grant from Google.org, 4‑H and Google are building a Computer Science Career Pathway for the six million youth we serve each year. In its first year, the program will reach an estimated 100,000 youth across 22 states.

The collaboration gives 4‑H educators the tools, resources and expertise they need to teach kids technical computer science skills like coding and essential skills for the future like computational thinking, teamwork, problem-solving and resilience.