JOANN Partnership

JOANN stores are connecting more young people to experiences where they can learn by doing, creating & making. By providing local 4‑H Clubs with resources and tools to run impactful programs, JOANN will bring the 4‑H experience to more kids in need.

How You Can Participate

Fashion Contest

Win a tour of JOANN Fabric and Crafts Stores headquarters and attend the Kent State Fashion Show April 27-29!

Paper Clover

Support local 4‑H clubs: Visit a JOANN store near you and purchase a Paper Clover featuring a Valentine’s Day craft from our friends at FamilyFun Magazine.

In-Store Event

Join 4‑H to make Valentines at your local JOANN store on February 3 from 11am – 2pm.

4‑H Rewards Card

Save 15% with JOANN 4‑H Rewards on in-store and online purchases. JOANN will give a minimum of 2.5% of eligible transactions to 4‑H.

4‑H Craft Ideas

Get instructions for your 4‑H Paper Clover Valentine’s craft, or get other great craft ideas for kids from JOANN.

Share Your Creation

Share photos of your fashion designs, artwork and crafts on Instagram using #JOANNhearts4H.

4‑H and JOANN Fashion Contest

Enter to win a tour the JOANN Fabric and Crafts Stores headquarters and attend the Kent State Fashion Show April 27-29!


Kent State Fashion Competition Eveningwear
Nebraska 4‑H Fashion Contest
Nebraska 4‑H Fashion Competition
Nebraska 4‑H Fashion Competition

4‑H Paper Clover

During the month of February, millions of JOANN customers, 4‑H members, and supporters will have the chance to share their hearts and show their love by equipping local 4‑H clubs with resources to reach more kids in need.

Here’s How

  1. Support the 4‑H Paper Clover Campaign by visiting your local store between February 1 and 28, 2018. Donate $1 or $4 at purchase, and you’ll receive a clover featuring a special Valentine’s Day craft from FamilyFun. With each $4 donation, you’ll get $4 off your next purchase at JOANN.
  2. Join thousands of 4‑H youth February 3, 2018 from 11am – 2pm to make and deliver custom Valentine’s Day cards to local children’s hospitals, senior citizen centers, and others in the community. Visit your local JOANN store to participate.
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4‑H Paper Clover Craft

Thank you for purchasing a 4‑H Paper Clover!  We appreciate your support as 4‑H and JOANN bring more hands-on 4‑H programs to youth in local communities across the nation.

Instructions for your 4‑H craft can be found in our Craft Ideas  section.
Craft Credit: FamilyFun Magazine

Craft with 4‑H

February 3, 2018: 11am – 2pm

Join 4‑H and JOANN to hand make and deliver hundreds of custom Valentine’s Day cards to share your heart and spread more love to local children’s hospitals, senior citizen centers and others in their community.

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Share Your Creations

After you’ve completed your Valentine’s Day cards, take a photo of you and your creation and post to Instagram with #JOANNhearts4H. Look for your photos to be posted here!

Save 15% with JOANN 4‑H Rewards

Current and lifetime 4‑H members, parents of members, volunteers and 4‑H staff can save 15% off total in-store and online purchases every day with 4‑H Rewards.

JOANN will give a minimum of 2.5% of every eligible transaction to 4‑H.

Smart phone displaying JOANN 4‑H Rewards Card

Get a 4‑H Rewards Card

4‑H Paper Clover Craft Instructions

For instructions on how to make the Heart Wreath craft found on your Paper Clover, view the video or follow the directions listed below.

Craft Credit: FamilyFun Magazine

What to Do

  • Cut paper into 1-inch-wide strips.
  • Make five hearts as follows:
    • Fold one strip in half to create a V shape.
    • Place two glue dots about one inch up from the fold and press edges together.
    • To form the heart point, bend the ends away from the center and secure them with glue dots.
  • To make the hanger, make two more hearts, placing one end of a 12-inch ribbon inside the V shape before securing with glue dots.
  • Attach the seven hearts together as shown with glue dots.

Visit FamilyFun for more Valentine’s Day ideas.