The Challenge - Kids Losing a Connection with Nature

Today, the average child in the US spends less than an hour outside each day. With 80% of the US population living in urban or suburban environments, access to natural environments is limited for many youth across the country. 4‑H Connecting Youth to Nature (CYN) introduces urban youth to local ecosystems and hands-on outdoor experiences that help them develop a lasting interest in protecting and caring for the environment.

4‑H CYN answers an often-unmet need among community and youth organizations – giving kids access to the natural world which helps them develop responsibility, leadership and community connection.

4‑H & the Disney Conservation Fund Bringing Kids to Nature

Since 2014, 4‑H, with support from the Disney Conservation Fund, has brought 4‑H CYN programs to thousands of kids across eight states, providing a pathway to nature and cultivating a deeper appreciation and respect for the environment. As part of the effort, 4‑H trains and engages Teen Teachers to lead and share their own experiences with younger kids.

The Result - Kids Become Stewards of the Environment

As a result of their participating in 4‑H Connecting Youth to Nature

  • 92% will care more about nature
  • 83% felt it was their responsibility to protect nature
  • 81% felt more connected to the environment.