About Code Your World

The 2018 NYSD challenge was Code Your World.

Code Your World is a four-part challenge that teaches kids ages 8-14 to apply CS to the world around them through hands-on activities. Developed by Google and West Virginia University Extension Service, it includes a computer-based activity on Google’s CS First platform and three unplugged activities that bring coding to life through games and interaction.

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Code Your World is easy for volunteers, parents, and clubs with or without computer science experience to facilitate. The accompanying kit includes clear instructions for facilitators and offers both low and no-tech options for events without Internet access.

The activity will not only teach computer science to kids, but also build confidence and teach skills relevant across fields from agriculture to technology to the arts.

Check out the 2018 National Youth Science Day how-to video to learn more about the Code Your World challenge.

4‑H NYSD Youth and Facilitator Guides

Code Your World Facilitator Guide


Code Your World Facilitator Guide (Spanish Version)


4‑H CS Playbook


Youth Workbook


Youth Workbook (Spanish Version)