About the Program

In 2015-2016, Youth Voice: Youth Choice, now known at Healthy Habits, expanded to 26 states to mobilize under-served youth to take action around nutritional deficiencies, healthy food choices, and physical activity in grades 4-12. Grants ranging from $35,000 to $65,000 were awarded to states, with the goal to reach at least 100,000 youth and family members. Teens trained to be teachers, mentors and role models manage and plan the Healthy Habits program.

Program Goals

Healthy Habits programs goals apply to the teen ambassadors and the youth participating in the program.

  • Impact under-served/at-risk youth and their families with quality healthy living education and learning opportunities
  • Improve dietary choices and increase physical fitness
  • Build an appreciation for healthy foods
  • Encourage families to eat one meal together each day
  • Share information regarding locally available healthy living resources.

Healthy Habits also mobilizes teens as teachers and mentors so they can plan and manage programs and volunteer opportunities and build life skills.

  • Increase leadership and workforce readiness skills
  • Explore careers in health-related fields
  • Develop confidence, critical-thinking, problem-solving and public speaking skills

Eat and Move-O-Matic

The Eat & Move-O-Matic! teaches about the foods you eat and how they help fuel your body for your favorite activities. Make new discoveries about your favorite foods and get interesting tips on how small changes can make big differences.

Download the mobile version from the Apple store, for free! Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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