Preparing the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

Lockheed Martin and National 4‑H Council are on a mission to connect today’s youth to the discovery and exploration of career opportunities in STEM through the development of the 4‑H Career Pathway. Through teaming up with Lockheed Martin, 4‑H provides opportunities youth need to explore STEM, develop skills necessary for success, and immerse themselves in the field of work and experience these skills at work. With the support of Lockheed Martin employees, scientists and engineers from across the country volunteer their time to mentor 4‑H’ers with specific outreach to engage girls and minority youth, who are significantly under-represented in STEM degrees and careers.

4-H Career Pathway infographic

4‑H Career Pathway

More kids than ever are graduating from high school. However, there is a growing gap between what students learn in school and the skills they’ll need to succeed in their careers. National 4‑H Council and Lockheed Martin have developed a research-based career pathway model to help address this career readiness gap.

The pathway is divided into four sections – explore, learn, practice and experience.

  • Explore – “I might like to do this.”
  • Learn – “I can do this.”
  • Practice – “I’m interested in this.”
  • Experience – “I will be this.”

Volunteering with 4‑H on STEM

Amy Brunner is a Process Engineer Manager for Lockheed Martin. Brunner, along with several of her Lockheed colleagues, volunteered for “Fun in the Sun”, a program sponsored by 4‑H. They conducted the “Rockets to the Rescue” experiment, which teaches kids about rockets and space travel. “It was a hit! The kids were jumping on the bottles and erupting in celebration.”

Brunner works closely with the 4‑H Goleta Office, which serves the greater Santa Barbara county. And she’s eager to participate in more activities “One event doesn’t change a student’s mind about entering STEM,” she admits. “With this partnership with 4‑H, our goal is to excite the imagination of a future engineer. To engage them time and time again and build that relationship.”


Download the 4‑H Career Pathway infographic to learn more about how the pathway works and how it helps students achieve career success.

4‑H Career Pathway (PDF)