Bringing Computer Science to Kids Everywhere

This expansion builds upon Google’s prior investment of more than $2 million, which helped establish the 4‑H CS Pathway that has impacted 325,000 youth since 2017. This collaboration between National 4‑H Council and Grow with Google lays the groundwork for 4‑H to bring computer science education—and the opportunities for upward economic mobility it provides—to the 6 million kids it serves each year. The collaboration gives 4‑H educators the tools, resources and expertise they need to teach kids technical computer science skills like coding and essential skills for the future like computational thinking, teamwork, problem-solving and resilience.

This program is designed around the belief that having a background in computer science will be beneficial to all kids, regardless of whether they want to work on a farm, in an art studio, or an office.

Whether young people decide to take advantage of career opportunities in CS fields or put their talents to use in other disciplines, we believe the skills they learn along the way—problem solving, digital fluency, creativity—will provide a strong foundation for success.

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