4-H Tech Changemakers

Creating Impact with Digital Skills

More than 20 million people living in the U.S. lack broadband access, an essential service in today’s economy.[1] National 4-H Council addresses this digital gap with the Tech Changemaker Program, empowering teens to lead digital skills training and educate lawmakers on the importance of broadband access.​

The 4-H Tech Changemaker Coalition:​

  • Four corporate partners: Land O'Lakes, Microsoft, Tractor Supply Company and Verizon​
  • 20 Land Grant Universities (LGUs), including 11 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)​
  • 500 teens across 160 communities in 18 states​

The Value of Being a 4‑H Tech Changemaker

The Tech Changemaker Program empowers teens and adults to take control of digital literacy and economic prosperity in their communities. ​

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Comunity Impact

Learning to assess how and where their digital expertise can best make a difference in local communities.​

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Advanced Digital Skills

Developing advanced digital skills that can be applied in the workforce and secondary education. ​

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Civic Leadership

Leading workshops that help create opportunities for community citizens such as teaching small business owners to better manage and market their businesses.

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2022 National 4-H Tech Changemakers Spokesperson Team

Jenna 432x259

Digital Opportunity Grows in a Small Town

Jenna, Catoosa County, Georgia


Growing up in Ringgold, Georgia, Jenna Dekich chose to serve as a 4-H Tech Changemaker to help connect the rural areas of her town to the urban areas with greater digital access for youth and adults alike. Growing up on a...

Stephen 432x259

Being Inspirational to Others Inspires Teen to Teach Tech

Stephen, Leon County, Florida

Stephen Hayes of Tallahassee, Florida, started his 4-H career by attending a summer camp and went on to join several clubs; insect club, anime club and teen leadership. He went on to serve as Treasurer for teen leadership...

Abigail 432x259

Safe Internet for All Spurs a Personal Passion

Abigail, Franklin County, Kentucky

Born in Canandaigua, New York, Abigail Liguori spent most of her life on college campuses with her father, Bart Liguori. As a result, Abigail has always loved education and when she realized that many schools across the...

Brianna 432x259

From School to Sports - Digital Skills Impact Us All

Brianna, Montgomery, Alabama

Brianna Mack of Montgomery, Alabama, began her 4-H career at a young age by winning 2nd place in a speaking contest in the 4th grade. Over the years, Brianna participated in various 4-H events like summer camp...

Rob 432x259

Gifting all Generations with Technology

Rob, Arkansas County, Arkansas

Rob Phillips has deep roots in the rural community of Arkansas County and has grown into an innovative STEM mind for community members of all ages. Rob’s involvements range from Arkansas State 4-H Secretary to...

Caroline 432x259

A Passion for Community Activism Turns to Tech

Caroline, Butler County, Nebraska

Caroline Slama of David City, Nebraska has a lifelong passion for 4-H and giving back to her community. She has been in 4-H since she was 5 years old and is involved in projects ranging from showing livestock to serving on...

National 4-H Tech Changemakers Mentors

Eli, 4-H Tech Changemaker

Educating Farmers with Technology

Eli, Charlotte County, Virginia

Eli was raised on a farm and was inspired to participate in 4-H Tech Changemakers because of the struggles he witnessed his community go through when the market shifted away from manufacturing and tobacco growing...

Emily 432x259

Growing Online Learning in Rural Areas

Emily, Catoosa County, Georgia

Emily joined 4-H Tech Changemakers when she learned how many people in Georgia still lack broadband access. Emily has always had access to the internet and she grew up learning digital skills from her parents. It was a way...

Cameron 432x259

Helping Adults Learn Digital Skills

Cameron, Dodge County, Wisconsin

Cameron was inspired to join 4-H Tech Changemakers because of his own trouble accessing the internet at home. With 30% of residents in his community being over age 55 he realized the impact they can have on...

4‑H Tech Changemakers in Action​

​The 4‑H Tech Changemakers program has inspired teens in over 160 communities across 18 states to do good in their communities. See what these Tech Changemakers are doing in their hometowns.​

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