4‑H Mentoring: South Carolina Puts Family First

Kittrina Thompson by Kittrina Thompson

In partnership with the Catawba Cultural Center, Clemson University Extension helped young people put family and culture first. Through the National Mentoring Program of South Carolina 4‑H, mentors, mentees and their families came together for a Family Night Out event to celebrate “Family Traditions & Rituals.”

During the eventful night, attendees learned valuable lessons about the practices and rituals of their ancestors. Through a brief history lesson and art tutorials, the group learned how to make and decorate gourd “carry-alls” using traditional decorating techniques and natural materials, following in the footsteps of those before them.

The activity proved to give youth and their families a valuable, in-depth lesson in their history and allowed them to gain a greater appreciation for their culture and the work of their ancestors.


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