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For over 120 years, 4-H has demonstrated that the more access young people have to Positive Youth Development, the more they harness their talents, skills and potential to thrive. Powered by America’s 110+ land-grant universities, 4-H’s research-backed programs are narrowing the opportunity gap by empowering young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime.

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Our partners drive awareness and education about important social issues affecting millions of kids.

Funding and support from our partners are essential to the success of National 4-H Council's youth mission.

If you’re interested in learning more about sponsorship or cause marketing opportunities with 4‑H, contact us today.

Our research has highlighted six key areas in which our partners can deliver the most impact to young people and their communities:

Digital divide

Our research-backed, experiential STEM programs are empowering youth and adults across the country through hands-on learning and digital literacy training. By providing these skills, 4-H reduces economic and social inequities, improves career prospects and instills confidence in youth and adults alike:

Greenbay, WI  4-H Tech Changemakers held a STEM fair for middle schoolers where teens introduced them to different technologies.

Workforce readiness

Our mission is to provide all young people with access to opportunities, so that they have the skills they need to succeed in life and career. Programs such as Smart Cents encourage youth to learn financial skills and habits that will set them up for long term success, while our National 4-H Youth Summit, Ignite by 4-H, expands teens’ career horizons and encourages them to grow as leaders:

Emotional wellness

4-H’s Healthy Living programs empower youth to be healthy in body and mind, providing them with the skills to make positive decisions and lead healthy lifestyles. This not only improves their overall well-being, but enables them to tackle life’s challenges and become leaders in their lives, careers and communities as they grow into responsible adults:


Environmental sustainability

4-H's environmental programs are designed to inspire young people to innovate and take action to drive positive change. By enabling youth to participate in STEM through hands-on learning, they develop observational and critical thinking skills to address real world challenges:

Diversity, equity and inclusion

4-H’s True Leaders in Equity Institute trains youth to become DEI Ambassadors who are authentically inclusive of all cultures, abilities, identities, ethnicities and races. By 2025, we will reach 1,000 communities using a three-pronged approach – the True Leaders in Equity Hub, Local Projects and a National Capstone Event – to guide youth to become the leaders our country needs:


PYD academies

4-H's PYD Academies build the professional capacity of the 4-H System to provide Positive Youth Development to young people around the country. These Academies offer 4-H professionals an opportunity for focused learning that is grounded in the science of learning and development:

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