Meeting the Greatest Needs of America’s Youth

All kids deserve to thrive. But what does thriving look like?
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To us, thriving looks like a 4-H’er who is confident and happy—a young person who is engaged in their academics, involved in their community and pursuing their unique spark with excitement and purpose. Thriving kids ask how they can make a difference in the world but never question where they belong. 4-H is a place where youth thrive and it’s our goal to make sure all kids have access to it.

When you donate to 4-H’s Annual Fund, you help us meet the needs of youth across the country. You are the key to providing opportunity: opportunities for kids to find their spark, form lasting relationships and participate fully in the world around them.

We believe in positive youth development because it works. And it works so well, that we see the impact on kids’ lives every day. 4-H’s relationship with 100+ land-grant universities gives us built-in expertise that we use to empower kids with skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. 

Impact of an Annual

Fund Gift


For youth

  • Relationships with caring mentors and friends
  • Meaningful leadership opportunities
  • Positive national youth development experiences
  • Belonging, social competence, positive academic attitudes and moral standards
  • Engaging content for in-person and online learning

For 4-H educators

  • Training informed by the latest PYD (Positive Youth Development) research
  • Positive youth development content and resources to scale growth and impact
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For Extension

  • Program grants to address vulnerable populations and meet critical community needs
  • Capacity-building initiatives to scale PYD to more youth

Want to talk to us about giving or have additional questions? Contact Amie Marshall, Senior Manager of Annual Giving at 301-961-2858 or email

In their words

Youth share how the 4-H experience changed their lives for the better thanks to supportive donors like you.

Maria-a-1-portrait 450x550

Maria L., Ohio 4-H

“My 4-H experience guided me on a journey of self-discovery. I learned there are many things I can do well, and to always try my best when faced with failure. I discovered that with hard work and determination, you can make a difference in the lives of others…including your own.”


Mariah C., California 4-H

“Because of 4-H, my future is promising. I want all young people to have a promising future, too—and I believe that starts with reaching out to those who have fewer opportunities and less access to resources.”

Yusuf 450x550

Yusuf L., Tennessee 4-H

“My four years in 4-H have brought me good friends, useful skills and lifelong memories that I want all kids to have the opportunity to experience.”

Aidan Spencer 450x550

Aidan S., Oklahoma

“Using the skills I learned through 4-H, I spent the last few years cultivating business relationships in my community. 4-H gave me the resources I needed to be a fully engaged civic leader.”

Megan Moore 450x550

Megan M., Maryland 4-H

“4-H is important because it’s helping kids find their passions, develop skills and grow as individuals to get involved in their community.”

Ashini 450x550

Ashini Modi, Louisiana 4-H

“4-H helped me discover my passion for helping others, recognizing my hard work and gave me the skills I needed. It was the stepping stone to so much positivity in my life.”

William O 450x550

William O., Maryland 4-H

“I think 4-H has a way of bringing people who are willing to support each other and the community into a place where we can all meet and help each other out.”

Green with


Give to Grow: Acknowledges the sustaining commitment of 4-H’s monthly supporters.

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The 1902 Society: Recognizes donors who make an annual leadership gift of $1,000 or more to 4-H.

More ways to give

4-H offers so many great ways for you to help kids access the opportunities they need to succeed. Choose the giving option that’s right for you!

Give with confidence

4-H is committed to complete financial transparency so that you can be confident your donations are used carefully and effectively to meet the needs of young people across the country.