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America faces a widening economic and social opportunity gap leaving too many kids and communities behind. 4-H is addressing the gap by preparing our young people with the skills they need to succeed and harness their untapped talents to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges. The following issues are relevant to youth today, and 4-H has the reach and expertise to empower young people to improve their lives and communities.

Digital divide

With a growing coalition of partners, 4-H is helping connect teens with adults in underserved communities to find greater opportunities for employment through access to digital skills training and broadband connectivity. Studies estimate that nearly one in four American households lack access to broadband internet.  

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Emotional wellbeing

Through local programs, activities and experiences,​ 4-H provides young people a safe space to let their voices be heard and empowers them to create positive outcomes for themselves and their communities.

Environmental sustainability

4-H'ers are taking action to address climate change and sustainability, with more than one million environmental projects completed. 4-H provides a platform for young people to understand the planet's challenges while encouraging a problem-solving mindset and offering practical ways to make a difference through technology, innovation, and community action.

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Workforce readiness

College and career readiness is a hallmark of 4-H programming that provides youth hands-on skill development, leadership, teamwork, and communication expertise and a pathway to guide their journey. Survey results show that almost 75% credit 4-H with having helped them decide about college, and 84% of 4-H'ers have identified a career that is a good fit through the program.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

The 4-H approach to diversity and inclusion celebrates the diverse population of America. 4-H provides a safe, tolerant, and nurturing environment where members, staff, and volunteers feel comfortable being themselves. 4-H empowers and supports young people to drive social change.