4‑H STEM programs provide kids opportunities to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through hands-on projects.

Helping Kids Succeed

4‑H STEM programs equip young people with the skills they need to succeed in life, and are available through local clubs, schools and grant-funded programs. Focus areas include computer science, robotics, aerospace, physics, chemistry, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and veterinary science.

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Program areas

Engineering & technology

4‑H programs use hands-on activities in roboticscomputer science and electrical engineering to teach problem solving, creative and critical thinking, and inspire kids to explore engineering and technology.


Entrepreneurship & financial literacy

4‑H programs weave entrepreneurship into many different subject areas, whether it’s learning the economics of raising and selling livestock or using computer science to develop new technology. 4‑H’s financial literacy programs teach youth to navigate the challenges of the real world, such as understanding credit cards and interest rates and saving for retirement.

Environmental science & alternative energy

4‑H’s programs provide young people first-hand experience in utilizing alternative energy, conserving energy and learning how to limit humanity’s impact on our environment.


Featured STEM events

4‑H STEM Challenge

4-H STEM Challenge, formerly known as National Youth Science Day (NYSD), is 4-H’s annual initiative to inspire kids everywhere to take an interest in STEM topics (science, technology engineering and math) through hands-on learning.


Featured STEM programs


Computer science

There is a tremendous need for young people to know how to create technology, not just consume it. This is true across every industry, and that’s why 4-H computer science programs help prepare youth for college and career by teaching technical programming skills in languages like Scratch, Python and Java alongside essential life skills like problem solving, teamwork and resiliency.


The 4-H robotics program inspires young people and develops an early interest in robotics engineering and technology.


Featured STEM supporter



National 4-H Council and are working together to help kids everywhere gain skills needed for the future, like computer science (CS), computational thinking, communication and collaboration to kids across the country. Google’s support will expand the 4‑H CS Career Pathway to reach more than one million youth over the next three years.

Changing lives through STEM

Inspiring kids with STEM

Aja’s passion for STEM was ignited through her frustration with the under-represented minority STEM gap. As a result, she started See Me in STEM with a mission to provide exposure, access, and STEM opportunities to under-represented youth.

Creating STEM access for youth

Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, a prominent 4‑H alum, and noted “Hardware Boss” of Facebook has made a $1M investment to 4‑H STEM to inspire more kids to discover an interest in STEM topics—bringing access to hands-on learning opportunities to youth across the country.