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There is a tremendous need for young people to know how to create technology, not just consume it. This is true across every industry, and that’s why 4-H computer science programs help prepare youth for college and career by teaching technical programming skills in languages like Scratch, Python and Java alongside essential life skills like problem solving, teamwork and resiliency.

Having a background in computer science will be beneficial to all kids, regardless of whether they want to work on a farm, in an art studio, or an office. We believe learning these skills provides young people with the best possible opportunity to become tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and problem solvers.


Learn more about the CS pathway

Demand for computer science (CS) skills across nearly every industry in the workforce is growing steadily, but our kids aren’t prepared to take advantage of the opportunity. In many communities across the U.S., kids don’t have access to the tools or resources they need to learn CS skills.

Without access to CS education, our nation’s young people are missing out on a tremendous opportunity for economic advancement, and the workforce is starved for the talent it needs to drive progress forward.

At both the national and local level, the 4-H CS Pathway is creating a blueprint for how nonprofits, businesses, community leaders and schools can work together to bring kids equitable access to much-needed CS skills.

Since beginning this work with Google in August 2017, more than 3,000 4-H adult volunteers in 11 states are mentoring 4-H youth through new CS clubs, camps, in-school and after school programs with the goal of reaching 1 million young people with CS.

4-H'ers making a difference

4-H introduces youth to computer science through STEM programming across the country.  4-H'ers like those featured in the videos below have taken their passion for STEM and computer science make a positive impact in their communities.

Decklan Thomas
West Virginia 4-H

Aja Capel
Illinois 4-H

Clyde Van Dyke
New York 4-H

Click2ComputerScience gateway

Visit Click2CS to access resources to improve facilitation skills, find sample computer science learning activities, and improve overall program quality through the principles of positive youth development.


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