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4-H Tech Changemakers is a unique, community-centered program that puts youth into positions of leadership by empowering them to teach digital skills to members of underserved communities across the country.

More than 20 million people in the U.S. lack broadband internet access, creating what is known as the digital divide; this combination of inequitable internet access, along with a lack of digital skills, is contributing to a growing opportunity gap, particularly for members of rural communities and communities of color.

4-H Tech Changemakers gives teens the tools and support that they need to become true agents of change by teaching digital skill-building workshops to adults.

Why It Matters

Our 2021 Digital Impact Survey polled teens on their perspective on digital opportunity in their local communities:​

  • 73% of teens believe that digital skills will be the key to getting the best jobs for their generation.​
  • 63% of teens credit digital skills and broadband access to the economic prosperity of their community today.​
  • Access is not equal. Only 69% of black and brown teens report broadband access at home and 37% at school.

Get more insights on the digital divide at our Research page.

Real Teens, Real Change

The 4-H Tech Changemakers program has inspired teens in over 160 communities across 18 states to do good in their communities. 325 teens reached over 37,000 adults in the communities served by the program in 2021. See what these Tech Changemakers are doing in their hometowns.​

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Meet the 2023 4-H Tech Changemaker National Ambassadors

National Ambassadors are teens who support and advocate for the 4-H Tech Changemakers program across the nation while also leading impactful programs in their local communities.


Ivan Becerril

Arizona 4-H

High school senior Ivan Becerril, from Nogales, Arizona, has translated lessons into Spanish and facilitated tech tutorials over Zoom, helping his community elevate its technical confidence and command by tailoring the program to its needs. He has reached more than 3,000 workforce-ready adults with in-person and virtual workshops.


Hannah Jones

Georgia 4-H

Hannah, a high school junior from Adairsville, Georgia, has led a demonstration on the importance of strong passwords at the Georgia National Fair and regular Canva classes for middle school teachers looking to enhance their digital content creation skills. Her average workshop reaches more than 100 participants.


Zamaria Kinsey

North Carolina 4-H

Zamaria, a high school sophomore from Sunbury, North Carolina, leadership workshops focused on computer basics and safety. She pairs young people with adults to create a productive learning environment for people of all ages and skill levels. Through these workshops, she equips students with the tools to use technology safely and effectively.

How it works

As a 4-H Tech Changemaker, you’ll combine what you know about where you live with a series of tutorials on this platform to create a plan for educating your community by matching needs with the right learning opportunities. Along the way, you’ll be guided by your 4-H chapter leader and if you need any extra help, the national program is here to help, too.

Why Become a Tech Changemaker?

Even as technology advances faster than ever before, many communities in our country—especially communities of color and rural communities—still lack reliable access to broadband internet. People in these communities need help overcoming that digital divide and understanding essential everyday technological skills that teens are in a unique position to teach them.

By becoming a 4-H Tech Changemaker, you’ll make a difference in your community, expanding your own digital literacy and learning invaluable leadership skills along the way.


The Value of Being a Changemaker

  • Community Impact: Learning to assess how and where their digital expertise can best make a difference in local communities.
  • Advanced Digital Skills: Developing advanced digital skills that can be applied in the workforce and secondary education.​
  • Civic Leadership: Leading workshops that help create opportunities for community citizens such as teaching small business owners to better manage and market their businesses.

Ivan Becerril

2023 4-H Tech Changemaker National Ambassador

"My first session as a 4-H Tech Changemaker sparked my belief in each person’s power to enact change, no matter where they come from or who they are. Watching the effect that the digital divide has had on my community - watching it stunt personal, social, cultural, and economic growth in my community - it has really motivated me."


Zamaria Kinsey

2023 4-H Tech Changemaker National Ambassador

"4-H Tech Changemakers is helping me overcome digital divide challenges I see in my community every day. Giving me this platform and allowing me to teach others is literally helping me overcome this challenge that is impacting us all."


Hannah Jones

2023 4-H Tech Changemaker National Ambassador

"4-H Tech Changemakers gave me a voice. Before I’d think of something or had a great idea, but I didn't know what to do with it. 4-H and it’s programs have given me the confidence to go out and make a change."

The 4 Steps It Takes to Start Your Project

Learn what it takes to plan and launch your own Tech Changemakers program.

How to Build Community Partnerships to Make Your Project Successful

Learn how to identify potential partners, and how and when to reach out to them.

How to Create a Digital Skills Workshop

Learn everything you need to do before, during, and after a digital skills workshop.

Explaining Your Project in 30 Seconds

Learn how to create a short script, or elevator pitch, to briefly and clearly explain your Tech Changemakers program.

Want more information?

Have questions or want some help getting started?
Email the Tech Changemakers support team at techchangemakers@4-H.org.

Quincy, WA 4-H Tech Changemakers showcase their work at a local technology fair.
Boost Your Own Digital Skills

Sometimes the best way to learn something is to teach it yourself. Get ready to do that with lessons that help you hone your own digital skills in any of these topic areas.


Get best practices and guidelines for youth/adult partnerships to plan, implement and evaluate programs in your community.


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