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When it comes to providing your child with a life-changing experience, there’s nothing quite like 4‑H summer camp. Camp provides the full benefits of a 4‑H experience coupled with the fun and wonder of camping in the great outdoors.

Why 4-H camp?

The best gift we can give our kids is to empower them with skills that will last for a lifetime, which is why parents have been sending their kids to 4-H summer camps for decades.

4-H was founded on the belief that when kids are empowered to pursue their passions and chart their own courses, their skills grow and take shape, helping them to become true leaders in their lives, careers and communities.

4-H is grounded in a deliberate, research-backed development and delivery model, which means at 4-H camp, kids learn critical life skills like resilience and independence. If we want our kids to be able to bounce back from adversity, stress, challenges and failures, teaching them resilience is key. Having experiences outside their comfort zones help young people become more resilient, more independent and better able to plan and reach their long-term goals.

Find a 4-H camp near you

Follow the links below to get involved with your local 4-H summer camp.
Please note that not all 4-H camps are listed. To see if your local 4-H program has camp opportunities that are not listed below, you may contact your state or local offices directly for more information.

Connecticut 4-H Camps

Exploring and discovering, encouraging and challenging; that’s what 4-H camping is all about. At four educational/recreational sites in Connecticut, 4-H campers have fun learning about themselves and the world. They have a great time making new friends in an out-of-doors setting. Campers have fun growing socially, intellectually and emotionally at 4-H camp.

Georgia 4-H Camps

Georgia’s 4-H summer camping program, administered through the county offices of UGA Cooperative Extension, offers a 4-H summer camping experience unparalleled in the nation.

Camp, Conference & Retreat Kansas Meeting Factility | Rock Springs 4-H

Kids complete hands-on projects in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) & Agriculture, Communications and the Arts, Healthy Living, and Community Vitality in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.

Kentucky 4-H Camps

Kentucky 4-H Summer Camp is organized by local county extension offices. The cost of camp, registration materials, and application deadlines are set by each county extension office.

Maryland 4-H Camps

Camping is kids learning about leadership, caring, and community through activities like swimming, boating, creative arts, horsemanship, backpacking, fishing, and archery. Although the activities change from camp to camp, the results are the same- learning by doing and having non-stop FUN!

Minnesota 4-H Camps

Minnesota 4-H camps offer guided outdoor learning opportunities and classic camp experiences. Campers build critical life skills like confidence, independence and resiliency.

Missouri 4-H Camps

Camp with 4-H and participate in one of the great experiences of your 4-H career! Camp provides the full benefits of a 4-H experience coupled with the fun and wonder of camping in the great outdoors.

Stretch your horizons, meet new people, breathe fresh air, sing silly songs, share in camp responsibilities, crawl into a sleeping bag, laugh with friends, learn something new, try something out of the ordinary, be independent, create your own skit, play outdoors, and much more. 4-H Camp — be part of it this summer!

North Carolina 4-H Camps

North Carolina has three distinct, scenic, and exciting 4-H Camps from which to choose for a perfect summer getaway. Every week offers many exciting options, that may include: archery, rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, arts and crafts, and horseback riding to name a few. Scroll below to see the details.

Oregon 4-H Camps

OSU Extension 4-H Outreach Camping program is excited to offer a Teen Summer Camp August 3-7 and a 4-H Summer Camp August 10-14 open to youth completing grades 4 - 7.

Pennsylvania 4-H Virtual Cooking Camp

Youth ages 8-18 and their families will learn kitchen skills, food safety, and nutrition. Youth will have the opportunity to make one recipe each day and learn more about the Pennsylvania 4-H Cooking Challenge. Adult supervision is required, and an adult should be working alongside the youth during the entire camp.

South Carolina 4-H Camps

4-H offers a variety of camping programs, including overnight camping and day camps. Check with your local County Extension Office in the county where you live to see what is available.

Texas 4-H Camps

Texas 4-H Camps are open to everyone. Our camps are very affordable and provide a safe learning environment for all of our campers. We have 8 overnight residential co-ed camps during June and July. Our professional staff will provide your child with the best summer camp experience!

West Virginia 4-H Camps

These virtual 4-H experiences will focus on different topic areas (Civic Engagement, Healthy Living, and STEM). The programs will meet daily for five sessions or meet weekly for four sessions.

National 4-H Council cannot verify camp availability and is not able to enroll youth in 4-H Camps. For more information about availability and 4-H camp registration, please contact your local 4-H office.

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Virtual 4‑H

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