The 4‑H robotics program inspires young people and develops an early interest in robotics engineering and technology.
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4‑H has a long history of supporting robotics programs through 4‑H clubs, after-school programs, camps and curriculum. Through robotics, 4‑H’ers learn teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, engineering and design.

4‑H and national geographic robots

4‑H and National Geographic have teamed up to bring cutting edge content to students in 4‑H clubs, programs, and summer camps about robotics. Using hands-on STEM activities and videos, 4‑H’ers will learn about robots, engineering, problem-solving and creative thinking. The activities can be used separately or in tandem with National Geographic’s film, ROBOTS 3D.


Robotics educational kit

Purchase pre-assembled educational kits that contain the hands-on materials needed to complete the Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum. Each kit includes materials needed to complete each activity.


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