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The 4-H Pollinator Experience

Celebrate National Pollinator Week with 4-H! Dive into the fascinating world of pollinators and their ecological importance. Learn how amazing 4-H'ers are making a difference through the Corteva Pollinator Habitat Program. Fun and educational activities await on the CLOVER app, or shop our pollinator collection online. Help these incredible creatures thrive – join the buzz with 4-H!

Seeding the Future

The 4H Pollinator Habitat Program aims to equip tomorrows leaders with the tools and experiences needed to deepen their understanding of pollinator habitats and populations and the integral role pollinators play in food production. 


4-H Pollinator Champions

4-H Pollinator Ambassadors engage communities and employees to establish pollinator habitats, educate other youth and support sustainability. Below are a few of the amazing Ambassadors supporting pollinators.

2022 – Elaan Bader
IL 4-H Ambassador​
She has cultivated 36 acres of pollinator habitat, educated over 10,000 individuals, and championed pollinator conservation efforts across North America and beyond.

2023 – Kaitlyn Culbert
NJ 4-H Ambassador​
She is the founder of the 4-H Busy Bees Beekeeping Club, Katie has won several awards for her work like the 2023 President's Environmental Youth Award and is a published researcher.


2024 – Emily Carothers
WV 4-H Ambassador
She founded a community pollinator garden, has secured grants, and educates thousands in her community about environmental conservation and pollinators.

Jafet Bio shot

Jafet Santos Maldonado
PR 4-H Pollinator Ambassador

Jafet educates youth about the value of pollinator using puppets and shows. His project "Bee Aware" promotes honeybee protection and environmental conservation through these creative methods impact young youth in his community.

Pollinators on CLOVER

Unleash the fun of learning about pollinators with CLOVER by 4-H! Create a bee hotel, plant a pollinator garden – these hands-on activities explore their importance in ecosystems and how YOU can help them flourish. Brought to you by Corteva Agriscience and Colorado State University Extension.


Join the Party

Celebrate National Pollinator Week and empower future generations with Shop 4-H's pollinator collectionFind engaging curriculum and fun activities – all designed to teach about these vital creatures. Plus, snag some pollinator swag to show your love for these buzzing buddies!

National Pollinator Week and the 4 H Pollinator Habitat Program are sponsored by Corteva Agriscience.