About the course

Inside the fascinating world of the insects and animals that keep the Earth alive.

Take a look outside: Many of the trees and flowers you see exist because of the insects and animals that transfer pollen from one plant to another. These pollinators are an essential link in nature. From ants to bees, butterflies to hummingbirds, pollinators lead to healthy crops, food, medicines, and more.

Learn more about these fascinating animals as you make simple and fun crafts with supplies you have at home. Don't forget to take the quizzes and see if you have the Flower Power to become a Pollinator Pro!

Special thanks to Patrick Pulis, Program Associate, and Wade Ingle, Principal Investigator of 4-H/Colorado State University Extension and The West Greeley Conservation District for making this program possible.

Grades Pre K-5
5 activities
Animal ScienceSTEM

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