Save Smart

There are many options when choosing a financial institution, including nationwide banks, locally owned community banks, online-only banks and member-owned credit unions.

This activity shows kids and teens how to compare financial institutions and lets them decide what factors are important in choosing the one that’s right for them. This activity assumes a basic level of computer/technology literacy and access. Specifically, the ability to use an internet-connected device and navigate the internet.

If any of the banking terms in this activity are unfamiliar, kids can look them up in THIS GLOSSARY from the FDIC, short for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – or ask a family member or other adult. Plan to do this activity during business hours in case youth need to chat online with customer service representatives to get answers to questions. Make sure an adult is nearby if youth are chatting online with financial institutions to facilitate the conversation if needed.

Grades 6-12
60 min
Personal FinanceSTEM