How Do Satellites Communicate?

Explore the ways satellites deliver internet access to millions of people around the world.

You and your family depend on the internet every day for activities like shopping, studying, entertainment, and much more. Your internet access probably comes through a wire or a cable underground that connects right into your house or school. For many people around the world, though, wired connections aren’t available to their homes. So how do they get internet access? From satellites in space.

How? Let’s find out!

There are two projects you can do as part of this activity.

First, there’s an augmented reality (AR) experience you can check out. Explore a miniature animated model to learn about different parts of a satellite and how they work together so people in homes across the United States and the world can access the Internet.

Second, there’s a project you can do to simulate how internet signals transmit between homes and satellites. The transmissions take just fractions of a second, similar to the time it takes to blink. While you may not be able to communicate quite as quickly through this at-home exercise, you and a friend or family member can use a mirror and flashlights to mimic how satellites help people communicate.

Grades 6-12
30 min
Computer ScienceEngineeringSTEM