Using Your Equirectangular Map as a Virtual Background – Activity 3

Experience your farm in 3D! Use Tinkercad and Sketchfab to create a 3D model of your farm, and then share it with others as an online, augmented reality scene.

Technology makes precision farming possible. It allows farmers to efficiently manage and cultivate crops better than ever before.

In this activity, you will learn about the evolution of farming and will use two programs to create a 3D model of your farm:

  • Tinkercad: A free online 3D modeling program that runs in a web browser.

  • Sketchfab: A platform to discover, publish, share, buy, and sell 3D, AR, and VR content. There are some features in Sketchfab reserved for paid subscriptions, but we know this basic introduction to the tool will expand your knowledge of how technology works.

This activity is part of our 4-H USDA Arizona Series. See the rest of the activities here.

Grades 5-12
45 min
AgricultureComputer ScienceSTEM