Beef Cattle Nutrition

About the course

Cows give a lot to humans. Learn what goes into taking care of them.

We depend on cows for a huge amount of the food we eat, including beef and milk. They may seem so commonplace that you don’t even wonder about them anymore, but they actually are fascinating animals – and you probably don’t know some very basic things about them. Like, what do cows eat? How do they digest food? How many stomachs do they have? And what, exactly, are they chewing when they are ‘chewing their cud?’

In this series of at-home activities, kids will get an up-close look at how cows work (they grow fungi in their stomachs?!), and what it takes for farmers to take care of them. By the end of each activity, kids will have newfound knowledge as well as a fun craft to take their bovine knowledge to the next level.

Grades 3-8
8 activities
Animal Science