Not a Shot in the Dark

Learn to keep your pets healthy by putting your math skills to work.

Do you remember the last time you went to the doctor? Maybe it was because you weren’t feeling well, or maybe it was just for a checkup. Most likely, when you arrived, the nurse asked you to step on the scale. That part might not have seemed important at the time, but it probably helped the nurses and doctors guide how to treat you.

Weight plays a similar role with our pets. When a vet checks an animal’s weight, they can learn a lot about the animal’s health and how much medicine to give them if they are sick. With that in mind, we are going to learn how to measure medicine by weighing the people or animals in our household and applying some basic bath. Then we’ll make a pretend medicine, and pretend to give it to our patients. Ready to put your veterinarian skills to the test?

This is the final activity in a four-part educational series about preventing and treating illness in animals. View all activities at 4-H Veterinary Science: Stopping Sickness.

Grades 6-8
30 min
Animal ScienceSTEM