Touring Your Virtual Farming System With Mozilla Spoke and Hubs – Activity 5

Bring your farm design to life using Mozilla Spoke and Hubs, and get ready to share your vision with the world!

It’s time to take your friends and family on a tour of the farm! By now, you can use Tinkercad and Sketchfab to develop a 3D model. The last thing you’ll need is an introduction to Mozilla Spoke and Mozilla Hubs. These two platforms serve different purposes, but ultimately, make your farm viewable and easy to share with others.

Mozilla Spoke and Hubs will transform your farm into a space you can share with others. Both platforms are free and avidly used by many educators and makers! They are easy-to-use with a little practice.

Mozilla Spoke creates 3D custom scenes that can be viewed in Hubs:

  • Create an environment from your Tinkercad file

  • Add assets, lights, images, and videos

  • Export Spoke settings into Hubs

Mozilla Hubs is a browser-based virtual collaboration platform:


  • Easily present your 3D spaces to friends and family

  • Invite others to join your environment by sharing the URL

As you explore this activity, you may confuse the two. Remember that the “Hub” is the meeting place where you can show off your work. The “Spoke” is the spoke on a wheel; it’s there where you can make adjustments to your environment by changing settings.

In this activity, you will upload your Tinkercad files into Spoke and Hubs. From there, you can view and share your farm with others!

This activity is part of our 4-H USDA Arizona Series. See the rest of the activities here.

Grades 5-12
45 min
AgricultureComputer ScienceSTEM