Digital Citizenship

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A good digital citizen protects their personal information, uses good judgement and treats others with respect online. The Internet and social media provide us with so many opportunities to connect, but also present new challenges about how we interact with others in the digital world, including cyberbullying.

In this role-playing exercise, parent and child will act out an exchange from social media to help children learn about how online interactions and behavior are as important as in-person ones.

Teach your kids that whether you’re posting on social media, sending an email or commenting on an online discussion practicing good digital citizenship makes our online world a more welcoming place for everyone. Also help them identify warning signs that an interaction may be inappropriate, threatening or bullying.

This activity is based on materials from the 4‑H Tech Changemakers’ Guidebook. Visit 4‑H.ORG/TECHCHANGEMAKERS to access more free materials that teach youth and adults digital skills. Note: Some of the language and content that will be read in this cyberbullying role-playing exercise is intended to hurt the feelings of others, be sure to read the full activity ahead of time to determine its appropriateness for your child and explain the activity fully.

Grades 3-8
30 min
Computer ScienceSTEM