Learn About the Honey Bee Challenge

Population trends project the world population will grow by two billion in the next 40 years, requiring a 70 percent increase in food production to feed the world. To meet this demand, the future generation of farmers, scientists and other professionals will need to be Ag innovators. That's where the 4‑H Ag Innovators Experience comes in.

The 2016 Ag Innovators Experience is the Honey Bee Challenge which teaches 4‑H youth about the importance of honey bees in food production.

Sponsored by National 4‑H Council and Monsanto

The Ag Innovators Experience is a program that reaches 10,000 youth in a select number of states with a strong agricultural industry that helps young people develop the professional skills needed to feed a growing world population. It ties in relevant concepts like aquaculture and environmental stewardship with a hands-on activity that makes learning fun and encourages young people to pursue a career in agriculture and technical fields.