4-H Tech Changemakers

Empowering young people to close the digital divide in their communities.

About 4-H Tech Changemakers

Over 24 million people in the U.S. lack high-speed internet access, and many more don't have the skills needed to take full advantage of online resources.  The combination of inadequate internet access and limited digital skills has created a digital divide, impacting future opportunities for young people and adults.

4-H Tech Changemakers is empowering young people to close the divide and provide #Opportunity4All people in their communities by providing the education and tools they need to teach digital skills to adults in their communities.

These tech-savvy and community-oriented young people are 4-H Tech Changemakers.

Running a 4‑H Tech Changemakers Program

The 4-H Tech Changemakers coalition makes it easy for communities to create a 4‑H Tech Changemakers program with the 4‑H Tech Changemakers Guidebook. The guidebook offers best practices and guidelines for youth/adult partnerships to plan, implement and evaluate a Tech Changemakers program in local communities.


The guidebook will help those seeking to implement the program learn:


  • What to consider before starting a Tech Changemakers program, including recommendations on research and learning experiences to help prepare your group for project planning.
  • Best practices on topics like project management, program promotion and mentoring.
  • Lesson plans to fit your community’s needs, covering skills like communication, information literacy, netiquette, privacy, social media and more.
  • How to create an action plan framework to help you get the Tech Changemakers program started.


Are you interested in being a 4-H Tech Changemaker? Sign-up to access videos, trainings, and planning tools to help bring this project to your community!


Through our simple step-by-step process, you’ll see that creating a big community impact is way easier than you think and by the end you’ll have all the tools you need for success.


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