2018 4-H Youth in Action Awards: Share Your Story

By _Amaya_Collins_ August 29, 2017

When you think of the attributes of a 4-H’er, what comes to mind? Courageous? Compassionate? Charismatic? Yes, all of these words perfectly describe a 4-H kid, but what’s even more important are the stories behind the words. The story of a shy boy who came into his own. The story of a girl’s simple act of kindness towards a neighbor. The story of a teen who stands up and speaks out on behalf of their peers. These are the stories that deserve the spotlight and need to be shared and celebrated.How do we help shine a light on these stories of character and accomplishment? The 4-H Youth in Action Awards Programs.For the last seven years, National 4-H Council has honored 13 4-H’ers who have a story to tell through 4-H Youth in Action. This year is no different as we seek out four 4-H’ers who are willing to share their stories of peer engagement, personal growth, community empowerment and much more. They are the everyday stories that result in local and national impact.There are four individual pillar awards up for grabs: Agriculture, Citizenship, Healthy Living and STEM. Here’s how to apply for 2018 4-H Youth in Action Awards:

  • Visit www.4-h.org/YouthinAction to learn about the awards program, review the guidelines, and meet past winners
  • Fill out the 2018 Application and answer the following questions in 150-words each:
    a. Describe how 4-H has impacted your life.
    b. Describe a project, program or 4-H activity within the pillar area in which you demonstrated leadership.
    c. Describe how your work in this particular area has improved or influenced your community.
  • Submit three individual photos showing your experience within your chosen pillar area, as well as a 60-second video that introduces who you are and your 4-H story
  • Complete and submit a reference form

Applications are due October 23, 2017.

So what will you win as a 4-H Youth in Action Awards recipient? A $5,000 scholarship; an all-expense-paid trip to Washington D.C. for the 2018 National 4-H Council Legacy Awards; and much more!

Every story is worth sharing, and sharing your story can earn you the opportunity of a lifetime. Apply for the 2018 4-H Youth in Action Awards today!