4-H Alumni Feature: Jumping to New Heights through 4-H

By _Amaya_Collins_ September 16, 2019

A little over 20 years ago, Lisa Borg started Ozark Miniature Tack and Equine Supplies. A lover of horses and all things equine, Lisa designed and offered quality equine supplies for minis and ponies. About two years ago, Ozark Mini Tack was purchased by State Line Tack, who not only saw a good business opportunity but great leadership and knowledge in Lisa.

Today, Lisa is a member of the State Line Tack marketing team where she uses her equine industry knowledge to help State Line Tack connect with organizations who also want to support the equine community through experiences and education. National 4‑H Council is the newest organization to partner with State Line Tack, inspiring kids to jump to new heights through the partnership.

While there’s a clear connection between 4‑H and State Line Tack, Lisa connects with 4‑H on a more personal level.

She is a 4‑H Alumna.

Lisa’s parents immigrated to the United States from Denmark in the mid 1950s. In 1969, at the age of 8, Lisa was introduced to 4‑H. As her 4‑H experience began in Bellevue, Washington, she discovered what she truly loved – horses.

“[My mom] realized that 4‑H was a very American thing,” Lisa explained. “And 4‑H to her was the equivalent of what your child can do from start to finish.”

Like her mother, who grew up on a dairy farm, Lisa also understood the importance of valuing all animals, thanks in part to 4‑H. Because of the values learned in 4‑H, her mother spent what Lisa describes as “thousands and thousands of hours” driving her back and forth to 4‑H club meetings, events, and shows.

“She knew that 4‑H would help me in life,” Lisa says. “Back then, there wasn’t anything out there. And so for [my mom], it was really incredible that [4‑H] was a place that she can bring me. I was able to learn not only how to become a better student but be able to help me in my life. I could be the best person I could be because of 4‑H. There was no discrimination. We were all the same when we walked into that 4‑H meeting.”Lisa also remembers the connections she made through her 4‑H experience.

“We learned to rely on each other,” she recalls. “Even though we competed against each other, we rooted for each other, and we were always friends at the end.”

When remembering the friends she made, the skills she learned, and the opportunities she was fortunate enough to have, she stresses that those experiences would not have been possible without family.

“Without our parents, our family members, or whoever it is that’s taking us everywhere, it wouldn’t happen. I think we really need to acknowledge the fact that they helped us,” she says.

Because of the help she received, plus her 4‑H experience, Lisa went on to study International Business at Washington State University, traveled the world, and today, helps State Line Tack become a leader in equine supplies and education for all ages in all communities.

Through the 4‑H and State Line Tack partnership, Lisa hopes to create a local impact and help raise more awareness of 4‑H programs in communities where 4‑H may not be prevalent. Additionally, she wants more kids to experience what 4‑H has to offer, whether through equine programs, other livestock learning, and more.

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“4‑H is great about providing educational opportunities for the kids. And it’s on an equal level. I think that’s one of the most important things. They understand what it means to win, to lose, to try again and again. There are so many different things that 4‑H does for kids and the future.”

Lisa credits 4‑H with teaching her so many of the valuable professional skills she still uses today including organization, presentations and time management. On a personal level, Lisa raises and shows Shetland ponies, and her first homebred world champion is now being well cared for and loved by a young 4‑H’er in Indiana.

About the Partnership

State Line Tack is a proud supporter of 4‑H’ers across America. National partners like State Line Tack help fund local equine programs and support National 4‑H Council’s mission to grow 4‑H from 6 million to 10 million kids across the country. Learn more about our partnership.