4-H Grown: Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth Invests $1M in 4-H STEM

By _Amaya_Collins_ December 10, 2019

Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth grew up in California 4-H, where he raised sheep and pigs and learned to code when he was 10. Today, the skills he learned in 4-H and his passion for science and technology led him to join the Facebook team in 2006, where he developed the social network’s News Feed, Groups, and Messenger features.

Now, as the Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality and a father of two, the 4-H alum wants to inspire more kids to find a passion for STEM learning as he did when he was younger. That passion has also inspired him to invest $1 million in STEM access and education through 4-H, which he will use to match all gifts through the end of the year.

During the holiday season, you can learn more about Boz’s 4-H story and love of STEM.


Delta SKY

Flying Delta this holiday season? You can read Boz’s story in the December issue of the airline’s in-flight magazine, SKY.


NBC Learn

As a part of the NBC News Learn-produced “4-H Inspires Kids to Do” video series, he shares his passion for STEM education and is joined by son for their “Science Saturday” activity.



Read an interview with Boz where he shares how 4-H influenced his career and his $1M investment to 4-H on Forbes.com.

I had a goal in my head to try to ignite a passion for science and learning about science to kids across the country, and 4-H felt like the place to do it. Certainly, that was my own experience coming up in the program.


This season of giving, join Boz in growing the next generation of leaders by donating to 4-H.
Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $1 million!