4-H Grows True Leaders

By _Amaya_Collins_ April 06, 2016

Every child has the potential to be a true leader. However, kids today say they are missing experiences that grow the life skills they need – skills like confidence, responsibility, independence and compassion. In 4‑H, we believe in the power of young people, and want to provide them with opportunities needed to grow the skills they need to lead. We want to grow more True Leaders.

National 4‑H Council is excited to launch the Grow True Leaders Campaign to empower this generation of youth with encouragement and real opportunities to lead.

As the presidential elections spotlight the topic of leadership, we will give young people across the nation a forum to put their voices into positive action and to rally the nation in growing a generation of more true leaders.

The Grow True Leaders Campaign will engage young people and rally the nation to provide more youth with hands-on, youth development experiences that are proven to grow life skills, where they can learn by doing, grow from failure, express their ideas and use their influence to drive positive outcomes.

The campaign will also provide a forum for adults to champion the positive in today’s youth, recognize more youth as true leaders, and support 4‑H in providing more opportunities for youth to grow the skills they need to lead.

Between now and June 30th, join us by shouting out a child in your life who positively impacts the lives of others through service, passion and courage. “SHOUT-OUT #TrueLeaders” is a simple yet powerful way to leverage social media to recognize the kids who take responsibility in their lives and communities, who have the courage to try something new, and who never give up.

Visit www.4‑H.org/TrueLeaders

  1. Rally with us by joining our #TrueLeaders
  2. Thunderclap to share a positive message celebrating the good things kids do
  3. Shout-Out using hashtag #TrueLeaders on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sharing with others the great things kids are doing in your community

Help more kids get the opportunities in life and the recognition they deserve. Join 4‑H in shouting out True Leaders!