4-H Lead to Change

By National 4-H Council June 15, 2023

Ignite even lead to change winners

National 4-H Council inspires young people with the ideas they need to become leaders and positive disruptors in their communities. Through national events such as the national youth summit, Ignite by 4-H , which ignites within each young person the desire to do more.

Each year youth participants, with adult mentors, are given the opportunity to develop, present and implement a 4-H Lead to Change project (LTC). LTC is an enriching continuation of Ignite by 4-H Summit that sparks their interest and drives the desire to do more within every 4-H'er. The process challenges young people to step up and act on a specific issue facing their community.

Youth become catalysts for positive change as they practice and apply real world skills needed for career success and to better their communities. The teams then participate in live evaluations with industry leaders to gain valuable experience and exposure.

Teams are awarded $2,000 to fund and help implement their project in their community. A select number of them can later apply to receive a second round of funding of $5000 based on their ability to scale their impact and work. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, this second round recognizes and allows the 4-Hers to further grow as leaders, cultivating the skills they need to make the best better.

"Before, I would never attempt to understand what is happening around me. Now I’m always seeking opportunities to learn more about what is environmental taking place in my area… Louisiana is my home and I want to see the entire state thrive. It starts with us the next generation of leaders. Every chance I get I try to bring awareness to my friends and peers that they should seek a better understanding of what is taking place around us,” the 2022 Louisiana Coastal Restoration team.

Ignite event group of people sitting and adding notes to paper

It is thanks to the sponsors of the 2023 Ignite by 4-H Summit that we can go beyond a single event to help youth deeply impact their communities.

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