4-H NYSD: HughesNet helps raise STEM education awareness sky-high through Drone Discovery

By HughesNet September 15, 2016

HughesNet and 4‑H continue to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through 4‑H National Youth Science Day when it kicks off across the country in October.

This year’s theme, Drone Discovery, designed by Cornell University Cooperative Extension, offers youth an opportunity to learn the engineering concepts behind fixed and rotary-winged drones. They will design and build a camera-equipped foam glider to complete a specific task, and create, code and “fly” a drone in an online simulator.

HughesNet partners with 4‑H to promote STEM education and is a 4‑H NYSD sponsor for the fourth year in row. Thaddeus Hughes, winner of the 2016 4‑H Youth in Action STEM Pillar Winner and 2016 Hughes summer intern, led a group of students from the Montgomery and Frederick County 4‑H clubs through an exclusive preview of the Drone Discovery challenge at Hughes headquarters in Maryland, on August 3.

The Drone Discovery challenge teaches youth the basic forces of controlled flight; concepts such as payload and remote sensing; coding and programming an unmanned vehicle; and how drones can solve complex real-world challenges such as identifying invasive plants in a corn field or tracking the path of a forest fire.

In addition to 4‑H NYSD, HughesNet sponsors 4‑H programs at their headquarters such as National Engineers Week, the 4‑H Youth in Action STEM Pillar and HughesNet sponsored STEM days at 4-­H summer camps. This partnership brings STEM learning experiences to young people across the country, including the same communities 4‑H serves where resources for interactive STEM learning may be limited.

“HughesNet and 4‑H share a passion for STEM education,” said Peter Gulla, senior vice president of marketing at Hughes. “Access to quality science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education shouldn’t be determined by where you live. Kids all across the U.S. should be exposed to STEM. Not only is it important for the development of our youth, but it’s also important for our country’s future. Our passion towards STEM education is the core driver of our initiatives with 4-­H. As the nation’s premier youth development organization, 4‑H has a long history of leading innovative programs, and we are proud to support the work they are doing.”

For more information on HughesNet’s STEM partnership with 4‑H, please visit: http://www.hughesnet.com/4h