4-H Youth POV: Experiencing Legacy Awards

By Martina Essert March 29, 2018

Individuals from all walks of life pour into the Ritz Carlton, all united by their common love of 4-H. From Jennifer Sirangelo, the President & CEO of National 4-H Council, to the young 4-H representatives greeting, interviewing, and photographing the guests, the green carpet was brimming with outstanding 4-H’ers, alumni, and supporters.

The most outstanding theme of the evening was confidence. In an interview with a youth green carpet correspondent at the Luminary Reception, Jim Borel of the National 4-H Council Board of Trustees spoke about the confidence that 4-H taught him.

“As a 10-year-old in the club, watching the older members that were leaders, watching people making presentations, and seeing those role models, over time I said ‘Well, maybe I could do that!’, and then I tried it! And because of that, I’ve used the skills I learned in 4-H throughout my entire career.”

Dr. Bo Ryles also cited confidence as the main skill that 4‑H teaches the youth, saying, “4‑H teaches kids so many skills, but I’m going to single out confidence. Confidence to chase their dreams and do the things that really matter, and that can help so many others, not just the kids themselves.”

The confidence that 4‑H teaches its members was best exemplified in the four 2018 4‑H Youth in Action Pillar Winners, Serena Woodard, Kyra-Lee Harry, Sophia Rodriguez, and the National Youth in Action Award Winner, Cassandra Ivie. These young women, along with the other youth involved in this event, perfectly embody the virtues that 4‑H strives to instill in its members.