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The 4‑H Military Partnership: Providing Stability in an Unstable World

By Jennifer Sirangelo | April 28, 2021
Young people are resilient. However, there are moments that we all face that can sometimes turn our world upside down. This was the case for Ben, who was faced with uncertain circumstances when his father was deployed to Iraq—a challenge many military families face. Thankfully, 4‑H offered Ben and his family the support they needed… Read More

Got PPE? This 4‑H Club Created 3D-Printed Face Shields for First Responders During the Pandemic

By Steve Lannen | March 25, 2021
The worldwide coronavirus pandemic took so much from people over the past year. It also showed how far people will go to help others. As life came to a grinding halt and health officials called on the public’s help to flatten the curve, nearly all group, in-person activities were cancelled due to social distancing. For… Read More
Darren Wallis with his cattle herd

A Long and Winding Road Back to Ag

By Darren Wallis | March 22, 2021
National Agriculture Day is March 23 here in the U.S., and it has me thinking about the long, unlikely road that led me to agriculture and the importance it plays to the future of my own family and this bigger global community I’m a part of. Despite my role today and the great pride I… Read More

Youth Voices: A Passion for Agriculture at Home

By Madelyn Zimmerman | March 18, 2021
Although I’ve grown up on a farm my whole life, I didn’t come from a 4‑H family. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in third grade that I even began to understand what 4‑H was. Some family friends encouraged me to get involved with some of the programming that 4‑H has to offer, and… Read More
Kamal Bhandal, VP of Global Brand and Consumer Marketing for Align Technology

Expert Series: How the Invisalign® Brand is Empowering ChangeMakers

By Jennifer Sirangelo | March 3, 2021
National 4‑H Council and the Invisalign® brand have launched a partnership to empower and recognize young people who are creating change in their communities through acts of kindness and service—big and small. Because everyone—especially our youth—should be seen and celebrated for the good they are doing in the world. I caught up with Kamal Bhandal,… Read More
Jeheil Oliver

Creating Opportunities in Global Ag Innovation

By Jennifer Sirangelo | February 26, 2021
Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Jehiel Oliver, an Ohio 4‑H alumnus who is leading ag innovation on a global scale. He is the founder and CEO of Hello Tractor, an agricultural technology company that connects tractor owners with smallholder farmers in need of tractor services. Under his leadership, Hello Tractor serves more than… Read More

Creating Opportunities through a Passion for Agriculture

By Jennifer Sirangelo | February 24, 2021
Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Avery Williamson has quite an impressive NFL career that spans seven years. What’s also inspiring is his love of farming. The fourth-generation farmer and Tennessee 4‑H alumnus has a passion for agriculture, and he’s paying it forward to the next generation of diverse farmers. I caught up with Avery to discuss why… Read More

Creating Opportunities for the Next Generation of Farmers

By Jennifer Sirangelo | February 23, 2021
Young leaders in every industry are using their voices and stories to create a legacy of success and inspire the next generation. Kyle Bridgeforth—partner at the fifth generation Bridgeforth Farms—is lending his voice and passion to the advancement of diversity in agriculture. Here’s how the Alabama 4‑H and Morehouse College alumnus is helping his family’s… Read More

Youth Voices: Finding the Good in Change

By Aidan Spencer | February 16, 2021
In life, there is only one constant: change. We cannot ignore it or resist it, and no matter how much we would like things to remain the same, change is inevitable. Sometimes, whether for good or for bad, we all reach a moment that changes the course of our lives forever. That moment came for… Read More

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