From 4‑H to Farm Bureau: A Lasting Impression, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

By _Amaya_Collins_ August 31, 2017

4‑H Alumni nationwide have a story to tell and a testimony to share when it comes to how 4‑H has changed their lives, shaped their personalities, and opened up doors, getting them to where they are today. Read the final installment of 4‑H Grown stories, shared by 4‑H alum who are now Farm Bureau members. American Farm Bureau Federation is a proud partner and advocate for 4‑H!

Heather Hill, Indiana 4-H

“As a third generation 4‑H’er, 4‑H had and continues to have a large impact on my life. As a 10-year member, I gained many life skills from communication to organization to leadership. I will never forget when I was 10 years old and my mother made me do the demonstration contest. I was scared to death and not very happy with her for making me do it, but I thank her almost daily as talking in front of a crowd as only gotten easier. Many of the memories of my childhood come from 4‑H, whether it being sewing with my Gramma or working with my livestock. 4‑H introduced me to Purdue University at an early age which made deciding to go there for college a no-brainer. My husband and I are so excited to be able to share and build new 4‑H experiences with our children. I can’t say enough about what 4‑H did for me and continues to do today.”

Amy Hegeman, Texas 4-H

“4‑H was HUGE in Texas! Here in Alabama, FFA is bigger, but I feel like giving those kids an extra 6 years in agriculture really solidifies their experiences and encourages them to pursue a future in it. Especially, when you can snag them before they get into sports! My goal is to start an after-school program through 4‑H, that way inner city kids can get exposure every day versus once a year.  We did a tremendous amount of service through 4‑H, and I think that is something lost to upcoming generations. Although the animal projects and judging teams were what consumed my time, I think the civic responsibility is what has made a lasting impression on my life. I tell young people not to ever feel bad about the time that they give to someone else because there is not much that compares to it in value.”

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