From 4-H to Farm Bureau: Still Making the Best Better

By Kittrina Thompson May 30, 2017

4-H Alumni nationwide have a story to tell and a testimony to share when it comes to how 4-H has changed their lives, shaped their personalities, and opened up doors, getting them to where they are today. As we continue our celebration of successful women and men who are proud to say they are 4-H Grown, we highlight the 4-H alum who are now members of American Farm Bureau Federation, a proud partner and advocate for 4-H!

Kalena Kenney-Bruce, Missouri 4-H

“I am a proud 4‑H’er! 4-H taught me so many things! How to teach, how to do reports and give reasons. It taught me how to win with good sportsmanship and how to lose with grace. It taught me how to pack a trailer for a week long show & how to make my best even better! I’m so thankful for this program, and it’s why I’m still involved as an Extension Council member, fair board member, and parent today!”

Shannon Douglass, California 4-H

“For me, 4-H was my very first introduction to agriculture. I learned the responsibility of taking care of another being and started gaining some business understanding. I knew how to balance a checkbook before I was in high school because of my 4-H project. But I also learned about making presentations and the importance of giving back to your community.”

Cameron Edwards, Kentucky 4-H
“No organization or activity I have ever been involved with has given me more than 4-H due to the fact that it engaged me at a young age. I grew up in the extension office, I learned firsthand what civic responsibility was and it gave me a platform to grow and develop as a servant leader. The skills acquired there were and are the basis for many of my successes throughout my life. The organization, much like Farm Bureau, is special in large part to the people within it and I feel it is an integral component to the future success of our communities and to this nation in the future. #stilltryingtomakethebestbetter”

Learn more about the 4-H and American Farm Bureau Federation partnership.
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